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Fertilizer Project - Phase One

Scope of Work

The proposed object would essentially consist of a single stream Ammonia plant of 2050 MTPD with natural gas as feedstock and one stream of Urea plant of 3250 MTPD, together

with granulation and  product handling facilities.  Condensates polishing  unit,  effluent  treatment and  disposal arrangements and other  auxiliary facilities have been included in the

project scope to ensure smooth running of the plants for more than 330 stream days in a year, on sustained basis.


Process Description

There are a number of prominent  international  process  licensors,  owning commercially proven energy efficient technology, for ammonia and urea plants. However, considering the

share  in  ammonia  and  urea capacity in the world and experience gained in Iran the CASALE low energy process for ammonia and TOYO stripping technology, for urea have been

adopted. In fact almost all the ammonia/urea mega projects locally installed in last 20 years are based on the said technologies.


Raw Material / Utilities

Natural Gas

The total annual requirement of natural gas for the proposed project would be 861 million cubic meters / year. NIGC will supply the required quantity at the battery limit of the plant.

The delivered price of natural gas at site, both for feed and fuel, has been taken as an average of US $ 0.065 per m3.



Raw water requirement shall be supplied from Karun River at the rate of 11.6 million m3 per year that will be available at the battery limit of the plant.



The total requirement of electric power, for the proposed project, would be produced in house within the complex limit. Also, Emergency electric power requirement will be provided

via  available  local Power  and  relevant diesel generators to  be installed within the plant battery limit.  Electrical  power  needed for site office buildings and working offices will be 

supplied from country’s grid network.


Instrument Air and Inert gas Nitrogen

Instrument air and nitrogen shall be mostly required during start up and shutdown of plants, and will be produced inside the battery limit. Instrument air during normal operation of

the plant will be drawn from process air compressor.

Public Project Profile






Ammonia(Raw Material) and Urea



Ammonia 680,000T/Y and Urea 1,075,000T/Y



Natural Gas(Capacity:861 MCM)



Masjed Soleyman- Iran


Export Target Countries

India- Pakistan- Sri Lanka- Thailand- Turkey …


The Period of The Construction

4 Years


The Period of Operation

25 Years


Capital Equity

19% of The Total Investment


Tax Exemption

10 Years


Discount Rate

The Discount Rate Used to Calculate The NPV of 100%



Central Utility


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No. 380, Vahid Dastgerdi St., Nelson Mandela Blvd., Tehran, Iran