2017/01/25 14:21

Creating over six thousand job opportunity for Masjed Soleyman with inception of Petro-Refinery
Minister of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare said: Soon I will come to Masjed Soleyman

23224588483562614    Ali Rabiei Minister of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare through a speech said that: "This contract has a price of  3/6 billion dollars equal to around 16 billion

   Tomans, which would create about 6 thousand jobs    for Masjed Soleyman area." He continued: "Fortunately, the final contract has been signed with a Chinese

   company. We will do our best to expedite the work as much as possible. Commencing the work, one thousand  jobs in construction sector will be available, then we

   will be able to reduce the unemployment rate in the area." Finally, he apprised about his forecoming trip to the area.


Ali Asgar Zaheri the member of parliament from Masjed Soleyman and its environs said: "I am very happy to observe the signing of the contract in the presence of

the Minister which creates over 6 thousand jobs."

According to news site of Masjed Soleyman journalists; a member of Energy Commission of the parliament said: "This investment would prevent the selling of crude

products and wasting gas and would cause efficient use of resources and most importantly, create jobs in the region. I avail this opportunity to thank the Minister of

Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare and well respected Dr Davodi the Managing Director  of Masjed Soleyman Petrochemical  Industries Company and all those

who are involved in this joint work.



  Dr. Davodi followed the matter and said: "I appreciate the valuable supports of the Minister, Dr. Eslamian and Dr. Baradaran specially with regard to

  realize the Petro-Refinery project."

  Then he emphasized that immediately after signing of the contract, it will be possible to prepare the needed license and do some other items. He

  continued that: "During the sanctions, we got the licenses from Switzerland and Japan and completed the financing procedure. Now by the grace of

God and thanks to the Barjam, hopefully this project will be operated and carried on more quickly."





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