2016/03/06 14:19

Zilaee Special Zone

According to the economic opportunity and capacity lie in the north of Khuzestan province, looking for the optimal location for the establishment of huge industrial complexes were

on the MIS’s agenda.

Considering the climate, natural, social and economic situations, Zilaee in the neighboring city of Masjed Soleyman, was selected as the optimal point for this purpose.  Therefore,

general studies and mapping were done as well as running and funding of it which depends on the Iranian authorities.

It is  located  at a distance  about 34km  of  North-West  Masjed Soleiman region,  25 km of East Shushtar region and 22km of South Lali, near the village of seven martyrs with a

minimum distance of Karun River about11.5 km away.

At the moment, 400 hectares out of 1000 hectares are owned by MIS and the rest is a work in progress.


Advantages of Masjed Soleyman

Legal Permits


The Activities Carried Out

Summary of The Activities Carried out by MIS (Up to Now)
  1. Initial studies for technical, economic, environmental, geological and climatic weather, etc. all have been approved and completed
  2. All relevant technological Licenses, for the construction of the plant, have been approved and obtained from reliable sources
  3. Site fencing is completed and in use


  4. Construction of water tank with a capacity of 2000 cubic meters has been completed and has put in operation


  5. Construction of Urea’s storage with a capacity of 65,000 tons is underway and partly been done


  6. Part of factory’s steel structure is being built and the rest are underway
  7. Performing topography, soil mechanics and geotechnical studies have been approved and completed
  8. Land leveling phase one is completed and settled with the contractor
  9. Green space area and landscaping for phase one is done and the rest, as various projects are moving forward, going to be started soon


  10. Establishment, Launching, monitoring and deployment of HSE standards at the site are done and are in continuous supervision and operation
  11. Office buildings and guesthouses have been constructed and put in operation as well as foreign contractor’s personnel accommodation and the rest are underway as the project work smoothly moving forward


  12. Access road to the site, from pumping station that would supply water through a pipeline to the manufacturing site from the rear side of the "Gotvand dam" is in operation and continuous use


  13. In continuous collaboration with our Chines EPC Contractor, the process of Identification and selection of domestic and foreign suppliers have been finalized and the vendor list has been verified for further commercial actions
  14. Project Site Delivery to the Chines EPC Contractor
  15. Provided basic and detail engineering design have reached approximately to 50%  by PIDEC
  16. PMC Perusing and commenting of provided documents by PIDEC
  17. PMC Perusing and commenting of provided documents by WUHAN
  18. The camp construction by the contractor almost finished


  19. Water supply project including three main subprojects is a work in progress, the related geotechnical services have been done and the issuance of tender documents for intake structure is going ahead
  20. The negotiation about increasing on LC ceiling to 5 billion Yuan has been approved