2016/05/28 12:46

Manager Director's Message

319735681988777Islamic Republic of Iran, as one the biggest producer and holder of gas reserve, with abundant professional technicians

as well as other  natural  resources and having  preferential and exclusive potential in many fields for economic growth,

have  decided to  put  forward as one of its major development objectives,  the priority of encouragement and protection

of investment in petrochemical industry.


It is my sincere pleasure to announce that,  the comprehensive plan prepared and devised by our well talented experts

for the development of Masjed Soleyman Petrochemical Complex in the north of Khuzestan Province, will;  very soon,

reap the fruit of having one of the biggest petrochemical complex and its related upstream and downstream industries

in the country.


With Allah’s willing, we have started the first phase of establishment of a fertilizer plant with a total capacity of producing almost more than one million tons of Urea and Ammonia on 16th  November  2014,  and soon as  part of our ambitious 10 year plan,  we  will  fasten  our  belt  to  work  on  development  of other related industries, in order to make this unique petrochemical complex as one of the biggest petrochemical complex in Iran and Middle East.


I am proud  to  say that the momentum that we  have  started  in Masjid Suleiman,  is nothing,  but the result of hard work done by those serious and patriotic employees as well as engineers  who  have  dedicated  their  hard worked,  non-stop,  round  the  clock  and  under  tremendous  economical  sanction,  to  achieve  something  that many could say now “that was impossible if not miracle”.


Now,  my  message  to  you,  my  dearest  colleagues is that “this time we have to work even harder than before” and look forward, that under present and future political and economic climate,  the process  of moving  ahead that we have started together not very long time ago,  can help us to achieve what we have planned for, but this time much quicker and with the help and expertise that we are going to receive from our future esteem global partners.


My dearest stakeholders,  as my last words to you,  I would like,  first,  to praise Allah Sobhanaho Va Talla  and then all my hard working colleagues, from shop floor at site to office employees in Tehran,  that help me to get to what one day we all  dream for and I  hope we  could  see the day  that we can contribute to  the development of our glorious country by producing quality products that can be set example to others, so help me Allah.

Dr. Yousef Davoodi