The huge Masjed Soleyman Petrochemical Industries Company is located on a land of 400 hectares in the Zilai area of ​​Masjed Soleyman, 130 km northeast of Ahvaz, 30 km northwest of Masjed Soleyman and adjacent to Lali Road (Haft Shahidan area). It is located 11.5 kilometers south of the Karun River. According to the development plan, the area of ​​this area will reach more than 1000 hectares.

In terms of geographical location, this region has access to international open waters through Imam Khomeini Port and to Turkey, Europe and Central Asia through the national railway.

Masjed Soleyman Petrochemical Industries Holding is committed to achieving its goals by emphasizing continuous learning and improvement in line with adherence to human capital and business environment.
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