Tender Notice

Tender issue date: 2/26/2022 - 8:00 AM 
Tender Closing Date: 3/3/2022 - 3:00  PM
Tender No: 2022-02-2-A-1-25/50

This Company invites Eligible, Capable and Interested Urea International Trader Companies to offer their best price for the below detailed Granular Urea 46% cargo.

Companies willing to sign a buying contract with this company should send their best price offers to [email protected] Email Address (Please CC [email protected]) considering that:  

The cargo will be sold to the FIRST eligible company offering a price equal or above our pre-determined price;

Details & Conditions;

 - Product: Granular Urea 46%

- Price: The Best Offered Price meeting or crossing our pre-determined price.

- Delivery Port: FOB BIK, Iran

- Quantity: 30,000 MT ±5% (Seller's option), however, the exact quantity which we can supply, would be announced after receipt of your confirmation on this initial offer and based on product availability.

- Validity: TBA

- Final destination: Please specify.

- Payment Method: 30% down payment, within 5 working days after issuance of 'PI' by MIS’ Trustee Company, and the remaining balance prior to loading completion.

- Delivery Time Schedule: Within one Month from PI date.

- Packaging: Bulk

- Vessel loading rate: 4000 ~ 8,000 MT/day (negotiable based on nominated vessel).

- Specification: MIS Standard Specification.

Payment would be feasible under following path:

Buyer could deposit / transfer the amount in UAE (Turkey is possible also but not recommended) in CASH /MT103/TT/etc. to the official accounts, announced by MIS.

Buyer also has the options of delivering the amount to an officially announced exchange offices in smaller parts or even to pay the Rials directly into MIS accounts inside Iran. (exchange option has limitations that should be negotiated after initial/basic agreements).



Prior to issuance of 'PI' by MIS Company, the Buyer MUST deliver an amount equal to USD $ 1% of his/her total offer amount (total offer amount = offered price * total needed product) in cash or its equivalent in Euro/AED to MIS' Trustee Company' office in UAE or Turkey.  

 As mentioned before buyer even could deposit IR Rails into MIS' Bank account in Iran & receive delivery/deposit of funds transfer confirmation from MIS' HQ office in Tehran.

Documents to be sent with the offer:

A- Your company profile and legal documents (Registration Certificate, Manager/’s copy of ID)

B- The proof of your EMD payment (you could deliver the cash to the financial Department of MIS and receive the Formal Receipt with signed and sealed by MIS co.)

You could contact us through below phone No. to receive more information:

Mrs. Asadi: 0098-2128147234

Thank you & with our best wishes.

MIS Commercial Department
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